[Sider module] Scoreboard Server v1.50 for Sider 6.3.5+/7.1.4+

 Current version: 1.50

Minimum version of Sider required: 6.3.5+ (6.3.6 or newer highly recommended) for PES 2020, 7.1.4+ for PES 2021

Quick Start section:

How to use:

[ONLY if you had initial v1.0 installed] Make backup of your old v1 version of Scoreboard Server content\scoreboard-server folder and then delete content\scoreboard-server folder

Unpack v1.10 archive and copy folders content and modules to your sider folder (overwrite if asked)

Unpack v1.50 archive and copy folder modules to your sider (overwrite if asked) (v1.50 includes all of v1.40, v1.30, v1.20 and v1.11, those three are not needed any more for fresh install)

(If not done already) Download and install CommonLib.lua v1 (follow the instructions for CommonLib installation!)

(If not done already) Add lua.module = "ScoreboardServer.lua" under CommonLib in sider.ini file

[Optional] Customize map_competitions.txt files (located inside content\scoreboard-server folder) and add your own folders with scoreboard files in content\scoreboard-server folder


1. Link v1.10 (base pack, no scoreboards) - Please, do not re-upload to other services

2. Link v1.50 (.lua script update) - v1.10 base pack is required as pre-requisite - Please, do not re-upload to other services

3. Link - mini-scoreboard pack for PES 2020 from various evo-web users (credits to Unknown32, spursfan18, Spursfan07, 1002MB, predator002, ryudek, Cesc Fabregas, Andò12345, Hoppus117 ) - all folders include new short introductory anthem .mp3 files made by predator002 , but not all of the folders include actual scoreboards)

How to apply the scoreboard pack: download it from the above link, extract the archive, and overwrite the current content folder in your sider with the content folder from the scoreboard pack.

[NEW v1.5] Support for team vs team match-up scoreboards that do not need contrasting-color variations

simplification of the v1.4 scenario (see [NEW v1.4] info below for more details) - suitable for scoreboards that only need team-specific gfx (logos, flags, ...), but not the contrasting-color nameplates

team vs team match-up could have been simulated with contrast_names_teams setup from v1.40 too, but at the expense of overall scoreboard size on disk (although only one set of files per team-vs-team matchup is really needed, that set would have to be repeated 4 times within "DarkHome_DarkAway", "DarkHome_LightAway", "LightHome_DarkAway" and "LightHome_LightAway" subfolders)

new dedicated team vs team matchup only, without contrasting colors, in v1.50 eliminates the need to repeat identical files 4 times, therefore reducing overall SB size on disk

unlike v1.2/v1.4 scenarios (contrasting colors), this one does not depend upon reading unicolor values of participating teams, so it should work for unlicensed teams too

required folders structure - it is almost identical to the v1.4 setup for contrast_names_teams scenario

exact folder name "flag_teams" must exist in SB root, then

"home team ID number" as subfolder of "flag_teams", and then

"vs Away team ID number" as subfolder of "home team ID number", and then

usual scoreboard contents hierarchy (at least common\menu\licence\game2dPes.bin file) goes under "vs Away team ID number" folder

you can have as many Home Team ID subfolders as you want

every Home team ID subfolder should contain all the possible Away Team ID opponents as subfolders - if you omit any away ID subfolder, game will most likely revert to original PES scoreboard whenever there will be a match vs the omitted team

example: should Croatia (team ID 24) play a World Cup match as home team vs Morocco (team ID 32) using FIFA WC scoreboard, scoreboard server will:

first try to pull scoreboard-related files from FIFA WC\flag_teams\24\32 folder

if these do not exist, it will fall back to the main scoreboard files - FIFA WC\common\..., FIFA WC\movie, etc.

for the same reasons as v1.40 setup (contrast_names_teams), this mode is also not suitable for general purpose scoreboards, but for the competition specific scoreboards

[IMPORTANT] to avoid potential issues, new flag_teams scenario should not be used together with old contrast_names or contrast_names_teamswithin the same scoreboard

your scoreboard should either need flag_teams functionality or contrast_names/contrast_names_teams functionality, but never both at the same time

having scoreboard files under all flag_teams, contrast_names and contrast_names_teams folders within one scoreboard is not recommended - delete the folders that are not needed

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