Small update for Kitserver: v1.12

You probably will want to get this version, if you are also using the new SleeveBadge-ArmbandServer by Hawke and juce

The reason why you'd want to update your Kitserver (just the kserv.lua, nothing else), is because the previous versions were all hiding sleeve badges on CompKits (competition-specific kits) by basically moving them out of sight into extreme positions. This was done, because sleeve badge loading was unreliable in the older versions of the game exe, and the solution was to basically have the badges painted into the CompKits, so to avoid the double-badging effect, the actual badges were then hidden.

With Kitserver v1.12, the default behavior is now different: Kitserver will NOT try to hide badges. With this change, it now plays nicely with the new SleeveBadge-ArmbandServer, which manages everything about the sleeve badge and captain's armbands.

It is still possible to activate the old logic of hiding badges, even in version 1.12.
To do that, create (or edit, if you already have it) the Kitserver global configuration file - "content\kit-server\config.txt" - and add this line to it:
hide_comp_kits_badges = 1

Remember that it is also always possible to hide badges on any specific kit, by setting its sleeve badge positioning attributes accordingly. To do that, edit config.txt of that specific kit and set values like this:
; sleeve badge positions
RightShortX=31                                    ; 0 to 31
RightShortY=0                                     ; 0 to 31
RightLongX=31                                     ; 0 to 31
RightLongY=0                                      ; 0 to 31
LeftShortX=31                                     ; 0 to 31
LeftShortY=0                                      ; 0 to 31
LeftLongX=31                                      ; 0 to 31
LeftLongY=0                                       ; 0 to 31

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