Relink Sleeve Patch 2021

Relink Sleeve Patch 2021 Tutorial by Hawke

Relink Sleeve Patch 2021

1. First make your badge in Photoshop... 128x128 is the default size but you can make it 256x256 or 512x512 for better quality, now save your badge as DDS BC7 8bpp Fine, (Linear, DX11+) Auto Mipmaps or DTX5 All MipMaps will also work ..Now convert to ftex (I use CGPE for this..Using the Material Map Setting)

2. Go to "Asset\model\character\uniform\badge\#windx11" (Use CGPE for this) & find a free will see by default "badge06/11/12, etc are free slots (blank DDS) but if you are using a patch these slots may be used by the patch makers so you will need to find the badge folder from the patch & check which slots are free.... badge12 is free by default so we will use that for this tutorial. see image below.

3. Now we need to license the league (LaLiga Santander) can use Simple Tools by zlac for this.

4. Now we need to add LaLiga Santander teams to BadgeData.bin open BadgeData.bin from "common\character0\model\character\uniform\badge" or from your patch sleeve badge folder with your Hex editor...scroll to the end and add 8 bytes...the first 4 bites = team this case Atletico..ID = 172 so in hex the 5th & 6th byte add the link to your badge so badge12 = 12 in hex = 0C ...see image below.....Now save.

5. Before testing...Go in-game to Edit Mode/Competitions/Spain/LaLiga/Detailed Settings/Badge & set to "Type 1"...remember Type 1 = Right Sleeve/Type 2 = Left Sleeve & Type 3 = Both Sleeves. You must do this before inserting your edited files once the league is licensed you won't be able to do this.

6. Now you can use the Sider "livecpk" folder to get your Sleeve Patch in-game.

Atletico is now using the linked sleeve patch.

NOTE: Remember you must do this for ALL LaLiga Santander teams & each team uses 8 bytes.
NOTE:2 Konami's logic now says that the 5th byte determines that the patch will be used in home matches & the 6th byte determines that the patch will be used in away matches..(wow makes no sense at all ) always point 5th & 6th byte to the sleeve patch ID.


Q. Can I use two different for each sleeve?
A. No this is not possible.

Q. Will this work for Cup Competitions?
A. only works for Leagues.

Q. What are the last two bytes (7&8) used for?
A. Nothing now..they used to be used for UCL/UEL but no longer have any effect.

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